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    Thabane and his fanatics have now gone too far!

    While no one is above the law in this Country and democracy but the dirty tactic is clear even to the dull and the ignorant as to its’ motive!

    The police have been attempting without success at humiliating other senior political figures as such in the past.

    It is common cause in Maseru that Thahane was one of those that was to have faced such a humiliation before, among a few!

    This is not how even common criminals are treated in this country!

    They say you teach a dog how to bite and next time it will eat up your own children. So Thabane and his cronies should be careful in teaching their dogs how to bite bitterly lest they are bitten bitterly themselves at one point!

    What is even more nauseating is the admission by the crown counsel that they do not have adequate evidence for proceeding with the prosecution.

    Perhaps, this is Thabane’s way of teaching those opposed to his dirty tactics a lesson!

    But at the end it is the very PM who ends up being seen to be the fool in the public eyes for failure by his dogs to prosecute!

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    Police & DCEO should be free to do their work should there be any suspicions of corruption or crime to any person irrespective of their status, religion, positions they hold in government or any position in society, or even the time at which such investigations are done!

    Basotho, we should be happy that now no one is above the law and that Our Security agencies are now doing their work without threats and intimidations. Even our prime ministers should be prone to investigations while still in power without any fear of threats or intimidations. Ntate Thabane should be treated equally with anyone under the rules of LAW.

    Taking this issue of DPM, who says the summon should have been delivered to his house! Does this mean it was correct for PS-Finance & GS who were served with suspension & firing letters on arriving at airport or while abroad on a journey? Does the law say who should be served with a summon/suspension letter at what a place, time or any manner? OR are there people here in Lesotho who deserve humiliation if they are suspected of crime or misconduct?

    If to avoid humiliation, arrest procedures have to be applied secretely, then this should apply to all.

    It is so sad how our fellow brothers, some of which end up not guilty of charges made against them, suffer terrible humiliation, beating and all that inhuman treatment that sometimes leads to death and our legislators including the said DPM have done nothing to combat this! Why then does He wants to be helped when it happens to HIM? OR is He not aware of all this maltreatment by police on the society?

    This is wake-up call to all Basotho that we are all equal irespective of our status. If certain laws & procedures have to change to combat that inequality and inhummanity, then it is time because now we are in a new regime where a prime minister, a minister or a CEO are only bosses in their offices not in our communities! Or else the laws & procedures are now also going to apply to them equally.

    I congradulate the current prime minister, if He is responsible for this, provided he is also open for any investigations.


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