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Mosisili warns party bigwigs

Bongiwe Zihlangu

 MASERU — Senior members of the Lesotho Congress for Democracy (LCD) must stop influencing the youth league to further their political agendas, LCD leader Pakalitha Mosisili said yesterday.

The prime minister was addressing the official opening of the LCD youth league elective conference at ‘Manthabiseng Convention Centre attended by about 1 650 delegates.

There were also delegates from the party’s structures in Transvaal (Gauteng) and the Free State in South Africa.

“How are we to preserve the quality and value of the youth league when men and women who no longer qualify to be called youths attempt to get back in through the window?” Mosisili said.

The conference was attended by senior LCD officials including ministers and other government officials.

The deputy secretary-general of the Botswana Democratic Party youth league, Ts’olofelo Mokgotsi, was a guest.

Mosisili said because of interference from some senior members the youth league has been rocked by problems since 2006 when a new youth committee was elected. 

That committee was booted out of office in 2008 for alleged insubordination against the party leadership.

“It should have been that committee ending its term of office today, but it had to be dissolved and replaced with an interim committee,” Mosisili said.

“I therefore appeal to you to seek wisdom and the sense to do right from God.

“Please be strong as you go about making this congress a success.”

“But if you continue with your bad conduct, you will bring trouble upon yourselves,” he warned.

“If problems within the LCD are created by the youth, then you are in for a high jump.”

The new youth league committee is expected to be announced today after elections which were scheduled for last night.

Mosisili also warned the party youth to guard against “your militant attitude which raises tempers” that could create problems for the LCD.

“This could lead to us losing all the good things we might have gained from our political organisation,” he said.

“An organisation can ultimately become the victim of its own success.

“As we go along we need to ask this of ourselves: do we do things in the spirit of building or creating problems?

“As you meet clandestinely in your little corners to discuss issues, is it for the benefit of the youth league and the LCD or merely to bring problems?”

Mosisili admitted he was aware there was an assortment of candidate lists drawn up along factional lines for last night’s elections.

“But I tell you, the only accurate list is the neutral one which seeks to bring unity and oneness in the LCD,” he said.

“Democratic elections best define who we are.”

“In the same breath, elections should be a binding force among us,” Mosisili added.

“They should not be used to sow confusion or divide us in any way.”

Speaking at the same conference, interim LCD youth league president Mosala Mojakisane lamented the tempestuous storms within the LCD that “seem to be affecting the youth more than anybody else”.

“As youth, we affiliate ourselves with senior party leaders who abuse and misuse us for their own gains and solely to their advantage,” Mojakisane said.

“The question that remains is why do we associate ourselves with these senior people?

“It is time for us to take a journey of introspection, to honestly and in earnest do some soul-searching.”

The youth leader took a swipe at his peers for “abandoning their responsibility” to build the LCD.

“We no longer do things together. We gather in separate groups at dark corners to discuss LCD issues,” Mojakisane said.

“When we are done talking in hushed voices, we start pointing fingers at each other.

“It is time for us to unite and become one. This will help us to fend off the enemy so that he does not destroy us.”

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