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Granny, toddler murdered


bloody-knifePascalinah Kabi

POLICE are investigating a double murder case in which two family members were found dead in their home in Berea on Thursday.

Two corpses of a 62-year-old woman and her 15 month old grandchild were discovered in their home by neighbours on Thursday evening.

Police deputy spokesperson Senior Inspector Lerato Motseki said they had opened two murder cases.

“A 62-year-old woman and her 15 month-old grandchild were found dead on Thursday at Pulane Ha Moroke in Berea,” Senior Inspector Motseki said.

She said they suspected that they were murdered on Wednesday night as they were last seen earlier on that day.

She said the deceased woman’s children suspected something was wrong when their mother’s mobile phone was not reachable the whole day.

“They asked the neighbours to check if everything was okay. However, as the evening approached, the neighbours got worried and they went to the grandmother’s house and realised the key was still on the door.

“They opened the door and found the two corpses. We have opened murder cases and investigations are ongoing,” Senior Inspector Motseki said.

She advised members of the public to ensure elderly family members lived with younger relatives who could always look out for them to avoid such situations.

“Having a middle age relatives staying with grandparents would help in such situations as they would normally be able to run away and ask for help,” she said.

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