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Elemotho: from rural boy to modern lyricist

Mohalenyane Phakela

MASERU — Namibian composer, singer and songwriter, Elemotho Gaelelekwe Richardo Mosimane, is a man on a mission.
The artist from the Kalahari, who plays acoustic guitar, sings in his mother-tongue Setswana.
He also sings in English and other Namibian languages.
Elemotho told XpressPeople that he was inspired to become a musician by his grandmother who was a great storyteller.
“I grew up listening to my grandmother telling stories around the fire and that inspired me to create something that could make you dance as well as listen, smile as well as cry, find peace as well as wisdom,” he said.
“I see myself as a performing artist and musical activist; I like to throw reality around, thus exploring the depth of the human spirit. Some people perceive it as Afro-fusion.”
His sound is solid yet transparent, with messages that have deep meaning.
From solo performances up to playing with a seven-piece band this artist has it all, by turning oppression into liberation, failure into triumph, where past, present and future is delivered through his melodies.
Elemotho started his career way back in 1997 but only released his debut album in 2003 titled The System is a Joke.
In 2008, he released Human which is his second compilation.
Listening to The system is a Joke and Human you get the impression that you are listening to a musician who has a lot to say.
He carries his music with a touch of rhythms from the Kalahari Desert, mixed with ethnic and global sounds, the calling of the rain combined with messages for our modern times.
This musician has had the time to explore new sensations and odours all resulting into “Ke Nako” (it’s time), his third album which he released last year. It was inspired by the 2010 World Cup theme; portraying the element of change.
“After my first son was born in 2010 and the World Cup at hand, I felt it was time for Africa to shine and my life as a father would be different. It was basically time for my rebirth because it was also my first time to work with a co-producer,” he said.
Elemotho is currently on an African tour promoting the album Ke Nako. He is accompanied by his four-men band with Ermelinda Thataone on vocals and shakers, Polina Loubnina on the flute, Samuel Batola on guitar and vocals, and Moses Saize on percussions.
“We are set to cover at least 23 African countries including Benin, 30 concerts in just three months,” he said.
Elemotho was the first Namibian musician to win the RFI-France 24 Discoveries Awards in 2012, beating more than five hundred African, Indian and Pacific artists.
He has just signed a worldwide distribution deal with UK based World Music Record Label ARC Music under which he is going to release My Africa which is the compilation of the three albums, thus, making his music much more accessible to the world.
From rural boy to modern lyricist, Elemotho stands-out from your usual commercial and easily consumable sounds by using experimental ideas where reality is amplified through his vision of music.
Elemotho has been busy the last years, performing at European International music festivals and getting his music more solid and tighter than ever.
“With songs to move your mind and entice your spirit, I want to transmit feelings and ideas that challenge the status quo from politics to philosophy, spirituality to reality,” he said.

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