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Companies, govt pledge M32 k towards ruby players’ funerals

Moorosi Tsiane

MATEKANE Group of Companies (MGC), Post Bank, Econet Lesotho have partnered with the government to assist the families of the five rugby players who were killed in an accident in Bloemfontein last month.

Mpho Macheli (16), Mamello Moseme (17), Keketso Tšeuoa (15), Thato Mohai (14) and Lerato Kelepa (15) who all played for Mabote Beavers, all died on their way to Bloemfontein to play Mangaung Rugby Club. The five were killed after the car they were travelling in burst a tyre and their driver lost control leading to a collision with oncoming vehicles. One of the drivers in the cars was also killed in the accident.

MGC and Econet each pledged M5000, Post Bank pledged M2000 while the government will fork out M20 000 per family. The money adds up to M32 000 for each.

This was announced by the principal secretary at the Ministry of Gender and Youth, Sports and Recreation Tjoetsane Seoka at a media briefing in Maseru on Thursday.

Seoka encouraged other companies to invest in sports saying unfortunate incidents like the fatal accident could have been avoided.

“Had this team travelled in the proper manner, the accident could have been avoided,” Seoka said.

“It is wrong for a team which is travelling to represent the country to use a bakkie. Companies need to invest in sports to avoid such unfortunate incidents.

“We thank the companies which heeded our call for assistance and we are grateful that you do not only assist us in good times but also in distress.”

MGC Head of Corporate Communications and Marketing, ‘Mamotake Matekane said they felt compelled to help during this trying time.

“We are saddened by this as MGC because we are also involved in sports as we have been sponsoring different events. So, we saw a need to come in and help.

“What the parents are going through is not easy to deal with and we needed to show our support. Some of these players we have been told they were hopes for the better future to these families, so we understand what they are going through,” she said.

Federation of Lesotho Rugby (FLR) president Fetang Selialia expressed gratitude to the companies and the government for the donations and urged the business community to support sports.

“We are out of words but on behalf of FLR, we are grateful to all were compelled to help during this tough time. I thank all the companies and the government for the contributions.

“There are many companies that are doing so well but they rarely give back to the community. That has to change,” Selialia said.

On behalf of the bereaved families Tekane Tekane also thanked the companies and the government.

“To the companies that have pledged and the government, we thank you for this initiative and we hope other companies also follow suit by assisting in times of need,” Tekane said.

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