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Minister warns dishonest contractors


Pascalinah Kabi

Water Affairs Minister Ralechate ‘Mokose has warned that government would blacklist independent contractors doing sloppy work when installing water-taps and building toilets for communities.

Mr ‘Mokose said this on Thursday while officiating at the handover of a M1.9 million water and sanitation programme in Qhuqhu village, Matsieng.

Under the project, government built 131 toilets and 10 communal taps for Qhuqhu as well as nine toilets and one water tap for Masabiella High School.

Mr ‘Mokose said he had learnt that some independent contractors would do a shoddy job and at times never finish the work, and then rush to claim payment.

“There are some contractors who are robbing government by doing shoddy work. In some areas where contractors have been commissioned to build 200 toilets, they only build 37 toilets.

“This is embarrassing and I am pleading with the contractors to work us in harmony to ensure government fulfills its service-delivery promise to the people. If they continue doing a sloppy job, they will not be awarded tenders,” Mr ‘Mokose said.

The minister made reference to Khotsis village in Berea where he went to inspect government’s water and sanitation project.

“When I opened two taps, they were both dry. I called the contractor and it was embarrassing to see that this was just a white elephant which was not benefitting the people.”

He said the government intended to install and construct water taps and toilets in 80 villages in the current financial year.

Mr ‘Mokose praised the Qhuqhu Water Committee for ensuring the contractor had done a good job before they could endorse his payment.

“Water is life. For this water and sanitation project, we have spent over a million maloti so we need to make sure that people have access to clean water and Ventilated Improved Pit toilets at all times to avoid unnecessary disease outbreaks.”

The minister said it was for this reason that government was moving fast to ensure every household had access to clean water and proper sanitation facilities.

On his part, Matsieng Member of Parliament, Mokhele Moletsane thanked the government for heeding the pleas of Qhuqhu residents.

“Qhuqhu villagers are always worried that they might be overlooked because they were just transferred from Korokoro to Matsieng constituency during the recent constituency demarcations,” Mr Moletsane said.

“But I must assure them that they are part of Matsieng constituency and are worthy of developments just like any other village. This water and sanitation service delivery is just but one example which clearly shows you that government cares for you.”


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