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Census staff reassured 


Limpho Sello

The government has reassured census staff who have still not been paid exactly one month after completing the population count.

The Sunday Express has learned that 7200 people were hired for the job.

Bureau of Statistics Director in the Ministry of Development Planning, Liengoane Lefosa, admitted payment was delayed, adding however, the money is expected to be disbursed this week.

“Initially, it was planned that the payments would be made in three batches and since the first payment was already done, we were left with the second and third batch of payments which I am saying is going to be paid at the same time,” Ms Lefosa said.

“We explained this to the enumerators—that they were going to be paid in batches.  We were also waiting for the financial year to begin hence the delay because when we did the last payment, we used money from 2015.

“We are now at a stage where cheques are being prepared so that by Wednesday (this week), our accountants will go to different districts and the people can collect the money on Thursday.”

Ms Lefosa said because the enumerators were temporary employees, the ministry wanted to make sure there were no mistakes in the amounts being paid out.

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