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Let us care for our own

THE recent hail storm which claimed the lives of five people in Mount Moorosi in the district of Quthing is a sad reminder of the vulnerability of most of our people to freak natural disasters. At the same time it...

Planning is key to food security

  BEYOND the welcome relief from the heat which is very oppressive in summer, the rains which have been pounding various parts of the country are certainly welcome to the farming community in the country. But...

Reforms the way to go

  LESOTHO’S political gladiators would do well to hearken to King Letsie III’s seminal words, as the country trudges through a difficult political time. In His Majesty’s Speech from the Throne in the National...

Nip Corruption In The Bud

  PRIME Minister Thomas Thabane’s directive to ministers to stay as far away as possible from the awarding of tenders could not have come at a better time. And if the country needed any reminder that the premier...

Time to head world’s call

Time to head world’s call

ELSEWHERE in this edition, the international community has urged politicians in Lesotho to “seize the opportunity” of the return of the formerly exiled opposition leaders by working towards bringing peace and stability...

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