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Naleli club re-opens with new image

by Sunday Express
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Mohalenyane Phakela

THE Kwa Lichaba Lesotho in Maseru entertainment club is back with a brand new image and this time it is here to stay, its management have said.

The Naleli situated club started operating late last year but closed in June this year, leaving revellers who had made it their regular hang out spot frustrated.

However, a management representative, DJ Chomma Dee, recently told Xpress People that the club was back with a fully revamped image and service.

It opened its doors to patrons last month and on Friday it began a three-day party which ends today. The event introduces the new resident DJs who include Chomma Dee, Davertz, Mtsuzi, PTee and Black Bee as well as music styles ranging from soulful House jams to old school sound. With free entrance today, the first 10 patrons will also get an opportunity to have their bodies inked (tattoos).

“The club had prematurely opened last year with the infrastructure incomplete so it closed down in winter this year to allow for renovations,” Chomma Dee said, adding, “Now the club is covered and can operate in any weather condition with its own toilets instead of the mobile ones which were used in the past”.

“Although the age restriction has always been 23 and above, the type of music which was played before did not meet the standards. But this time the patrons will be served the mature sounds of deep House and old school they love and long for, which is why the resident DJs are veteran disc spinners.

“We also used to charge entrance fee of M50 on a regular day but entrance will be free from now on. The other factor that separates us from other clubs is that we allow people to bring their own beverages from outside the club, for an entrance fee of M30 per cooler box.”

Chomma Dee said that Kwa Lichaba would work closely with its sister club in Soweto, South Africa and arrangements have already been finalised for DJs to alternate between the two clubs.

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