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Man castrates self

’Mathapelo Mohale
NAZARETH — A 40-year-old man residing in Nazareth, just outside Maseru, castrated himself early this month in a bizarre effort to suppress his libido.
Pesha Shale, who works for Chief Samuel Theko as a herdboy, is now recovering at home after he was admitted for five days at St Joseph’s Hospital on January 11.
He said he decided to remove his genitals because he was tired of women turning down his proposals.
“I could not find a girlfriend because they were all turning me down,” Shale told the Sunday Express with stunning candour.
“But sexual feelings were increasing all the time until I decided I would be better off without one of my testicles.”
Shale said he feared he might end up in jail for rape if he did not take matters into his own hands.
“The thought of being with a woman would sometimes come when I was busy with my work,” he said.
“So I thought long and hard about removing the source of my misery.
“And one night, when in the grip of an overwhelming sexual fever, I decided it was now or never.
“I went outside where I had seen a razor blade, took it to my bedroom and then began cutting off one of my testicles.”
Chief Theko, meanwhile, confirmed Shale’s story, although he said he was not at home when the incident happened.
“I was told the whole story when I arrived home the following day. Shale told me he did it because he did not have a girlfriend.”

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