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LTDC launches information centre

Limpho Sello

The Lesotho Tourism Development Corporation (LTDC) on Friday officially launched atourism information centre at the Pioneer Mall in Maseru.
The information kiosk was unveiled by the LTDC Chief Executive, Mpaiphele Maqutu, at a ceremony attended by several stakeholders, as well as members of the general public.

Mr Maqutu said the centre would provide Basotho and foreigners with information pertaining to the country’s tourist attractions, and hopefully boost the sector whose potential to drive the country’s economy remains unfulfilled.

“The purpose of thistourist information centre is to provide information to you Basotho and visitors, about the tourist attractions in our country. This kiosk has information which narrates the beauty of Lesotho that we believe will be beneficial to Lesotho’s tourism industry, and the country’s economic growth, as a whole,” Mr Maqutu said.

“I plead with you to visit our tourist destinations because all the information you need about these sites is here in this kiosk that we are launching today. So please pass by the kiosk to access all the information you might need about our country’s tourist attractions because the centre has it all.”

Mr Maqutu further said Lesotho is “a very beautiful country” and that Basotho should be the first to appreciate their country’s beauty through visiting its many tourist sites.
“By this initiative we are unveiling today,the LTDC is again, promoting domestic tourism so we are encouraging you to tour and be proud of your country, before visitors can appreciate what we have to offer as a country,”Mr Maqutu added.

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