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LeFA denies owing Makoanyane XI

Mikia Kalati

THE Lesotho Football Association (LeFA) has rubbished rumours that they owe Makoanyane XI allowances for their successful campaign at last month’s regional COSAFA Cup tournament that was held in Zambia.

The under-20 side reached the final where they suffered a narrow 1-2 defeat at the hands of neighbours, South Africa.

It was the second time that a Makoanyane side had made it to the final having done so in 2005 where they were beaten 0-1 by Madagascar.

Rumours having been doing the rounds that the team was not paid for the excellent showing but LeFA Secretary General, Mokhosi Mohapi, recently told the Sunday Express that the players received their dues.

He also refuted claims on social media that the players were promised M9000 each.

“No one in the LeFA leadership of the ever promised anyone that kind of money,” Mohapi said.

“If anyone says they were promised those monies that person should not hide but come out in the open and name the day and the person who promised them.”

He further said that while they never promised the players M9000, they also did not give them the paltry figure of M900 each as the camping allowance and the time the team spent in Zambia.

He however, refused to divulge how much each player received.

“They team camped for a week before leaving for Zambia where they spent 10 days and the figures that are being mentioned are not true.

“People should do some research before propagating malice.”

Mohapi said the rumours dented the association’s image, coming as they did just a few days after the football mother body received a M550 000 sponsorship boost for the same team from Metropolitan Lesotho.

“These things hurt the association. LeFA is on the right track and suddenly there appears a person or persons who want to paint a bad picture about us.

“It (the negative publicity) has happened before and still happens. But we will not stop in our quest to deliver on our mandate because some people somewhere are hell bent on spreading malice. On day some people will be exposed and then people will see them for what they are.”


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