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DJ Mekonko blasts SA promoter

Lerato Matheka

MASERU — Local disc jockey, DJ Mekonko, has attacked a South African promotions company for allegedly misleading fans that it was going to bring DJ Christos to Maseru later this month.
Mekonko told XpressPeople he booked DJ Christos for a show at Times Café only to see the South African DJ’s name posted for another event in Maseru a week earlier.
He said Global Events Management had advertised that they would be bringing DJ Christos to the Maseru Festival on March 31.
Mekonko said the top South African DJ would be performing in Swaziland on that day.
“These people (Global Events Management) are ruining our industry.
“Now they are claiming to be bringing South African artistes yet they are lying,” Mekonko said.
He said the confusion reflected badly on local DJs “especially when we have to source funding for our shows”.
“I am very worried that people will end up not believing that Christos is booked on April 8,” Mekonko said.
He was adamant that Baba Makou, Christos manager, had informed him that the DJ was not booked to perform in Lesotho on March 31.
“Baba said Christos is not booked for the Maseru Festival event so it is wrong to have his name on the poster advertising the event,” Mekonko said.
Baba Makou, Christos’ manager told XpressPeople on Friday he was now considering taking legal action against the organisers of the Maseru Festival.
“These people are killing my business in Lesotho.
“Christos is not booked to perform on March 31 but will be in Lesotho on April 8,” Baba said.
He added: “If his name is placed on a poster and he does not pitch up, Lesotho promoters will never book him because he will be known for not turning up for shows.
“I am very upset and if this was happening in South Africa I could have taken legal action already.”
Baba said Christos is billed to perform at Club Ocean Wave in Swaziland on March 31.
“When an artiste is booked there is a contract involved and I don’t have a contract with the Maseru Festival guys.
“They should stop fooling people.
“DJ Christos will be in Maseru at Times Café on April 8,” he said.
One of the organisers of Maseru Festival, Tseka “Bobo” Mokoena told XpressPeople on Friday that Christos had been pulled out of the line-up.
“Christos has been pulled off the line-up.
“I spoke to him yesterday (Thursday) and he told me he will not be performing on March 31.
“He said it’s a business decision so the people complaining should rest easy.
“We are still to post posters and Christos’ name will not be there.”
Bobo however confirmed that they had put Christos’ name on their Facebook advert.
“This problem was caused by poor communication between Christos and his manager,” Bobo said.
“We did have his name on our Facebook event advert but on the banners and posters he will not be mentioned,” he said.
The Maseru Festival event will feature South African musicians Mandla Spikiri, Alaska, Thebe, DJs Tira, Lulo Café, Zinhle and Cndo.
It will take place at the Bambatha Tsita Sporting Arena.
The MC of the festival is Bonang Matheba, host of Live, a musical show on SABC 1.
Bobo said the event was initially set for Setsoto Stadium but they had to abandon the plan after they were told to cover the artificial grass in the stadium.
Bobo said the event was not a scam.
“We mean business and we are doing this to help local artistes gain exposure in South Africa,” he said.
“Our plan is to give local artistes a platform to perform alongside South African big names.
“Some of the artistes are going to get a chance to be included in our line-up for a festival we are organising in Soweto in May.”
Bobo said the main act of the night is Kwaito king Mandla Spikiri.
“People should look forward to excitement and fun on March 31 because all the artistes on the line-up are going to perform,” he said.
Bobo said the local line-up includes the likes of Stlofa, Fabric, Damario, K-Tha, Khebza, and DJ Thabie.

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