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Who made headlines in 2010?

NUL in ‘big mess’

THE chairperson of the National University of Lesotho (NUL) Council said the country’s highest institution of learning was in a big mess because of poor governance structures and indiscipline among management, lecturers and students.

NUL has over the years been hurtling from crisis to crisis, highlighted by student protests and the university’s failure to produce audited accounts in the last two years.

Dr ‘Molotsi Monyamane said the university’s then vice-chancellor Professor Adelani Ogunrinade had failed to stop the rot.

He said NUL — established in 1975 — was failing to meet the “professional needs of this country” because of the crisis at the college.

Monyamane said his council would take extraordinary measures to repair the institution’s damaged reputation and pull its plummeting standards to international levels.


break alliance

IT was a tempestuous marriage.

The marriage had been on the rocks for months.

But in July, the three-year marriage ended in acrimonious divorce.

The opposition All Basotho Convention (ABC) party sensationally walked out of the alliance leaving the junior partner in the coalition, the Lesotho Workers Party (LWP), licking its wounds.

ABC leader Thomas Thabane confirmed to this newspaper that “the electoral alliance had been disbanded”.

“The ABC/LWP alliance which was entered into targeting votes in the 2007 elections has been terminated,” Thabane told the Sunday Express.

The marriage had been beset with problems right from the onset.

Although the two parties had entered into an electoral pact to increase their chances of winning more seats the alliance had not been properly formalised.

The LWP had, in muted tones, continued to complain that it was being treated as a junior partner in the alliance.

Macaefa Billy, who wore two hats as leader of the LWP and ABC secretary-general, had also not endeared himself to Thabane.

Thabane often complained in private over the “shoddy” manner Billy discharged his duties as the party’s secretary-general.

ABC leader threatens

 to kill journos

ABC leader Thomas Thabane threatened to kill a Sunday Express reporter and the paper’s editor.

Thabane threatened to shoot Caswell Tlali after he asked him to comment on allegations that his cousin, Thaabe Thabane, had sexually harassed his wife.

‘Mampolokeng Thabane, who has been married to Thabane for 25 years, claims Thaabe tried to rape her on April 25 while they were at a relative’s wedding.

She alleged that Thabane dismissed her when she reported the incident to him.

Instead, she said, Thabane’s two sons from a previous marriage beat her up.


Moleleki sucked

into bribe scam

A COVERT plan had allegedly been hatched to squeeze M700 000 out of a mining equipment supplier to supposedly grease the palms of Natural Resources Minister Monyane Moleleki, the Sunday Express revealed in August.

Local businessman Kennedy Lefothane was suspected to be at the centre of the alleged plan that would have seen Marsh (Pty) Ltd, a Maseru-based company, forking out M700 000 to supposedly nail down a contract to supply equipment to Motete Mining.

Lefothane is the secretary for Motete Mining, a local consortium fighting for the prospecting rights for Lemphane Diamond Mine in Butha-Buthe.

Moleleki admitted in an interview with this paper that “someone” allegedly peddled his name to “swindle people”

But he would not name that “someone”

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