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The power of protein in weight-loss


Health Tips

Mojabeng Dorcas Senekal

Snacking is a vital part of the weight loss program; you need to snack in between meals to avoid starvation and over eating later. So, protein-based snacks are the way to go because this nutrient is a powerhouse; it slows digestion and keeps blood sugar steady, and to some extent helps lower your cravings. In weight loss, this nutrient can help you because it increases satisfaction, meaning no unnecessary meals that are not part of your eating plan. It also increases your muscle mass, giving you more strength to keep up with your daily work out routines.

The recommended daily intake is 46 grams for women and 56 grams for men, so here is a list of palatable foods that are high in protein;

  • Whole eggs
  • Almonds
  • Tuna
  • All types of fish
  • Chicken breasts
  • Greek yoghurt
  • Lean beef
  • Lentils
  • Shrimp
  • Peanuts
  • Turkey breasts
  • Pumpkin seeds

If you are always in a hurry, not much of a cook or just the kind of person who dislikes the kitchen, get a whey protein supplement. Whey is a type of high- quality protein from dairy foods, shown to be very effective at building muscle mass, varying between brands they can go over 90% of calories, with 20-50 grams of protein per serving. It also helps reduce hunger and totally avoid developing a bowling ball- shaped physique; nobody wants to see that in their mirror.  What you do every day will turn into a habit. Choose habits that will lead you to success and repeat them every day, complete your body weight circuits and keep going with your healthy diet, these are the habits that will lead to your success. Setting goals is easy and so is achieving them, but the journey like any other has its bumps and only the most fearless, those true to themselves and those who do not have the word “quit” in their vocabulary, succeed.      


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