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Investment perfected with FNB’s Lesotho’s Flexi Fixed Deposit

fnbFirst National Bank Lesotho (FNBL) has introduced a new investment account, the Flexi Fixed Deposit, in a bid to cultivate and encourage a savings culture among Basotho.

The Flexi Fixed Deposit is a long-term savings account aimed at affording clients the ability to invest.

FNBL is the first bank to introduce this account packed with unique features and benefits to the market.

This investment account allows two withdrawals over the term, of which each withdrawal can be up to 15 percent of the invester’s available balance, with no notice period required.

The design provides flexibility to suit customer’s ever changing lifestyles and caters for deposits at any time.

FNB Lesotho has constantly supplied the Lesotho market with new and innovative products, catering to the needs of all, including the unbanked.

The account is tailored for all customers with a minimum opening balance of M100.00.

As a Basotho bank FNBL strives for innovative financial solutions, best value, low fees and affordable banking services at all times, and understands the importance of servicing all customers.

Commenting on the new product,  the FNBL CEO, Emil Heppell indicated that “This product will assist Basotho to save in a flexible and convenient way.

“The Flexi Fixed Deposit is a comprehensive investment that encapsulates all the best elements of saving and investing.

“It also provides a market-leading rate on your deposit with guaranteed returns”.

The bank is confident that the account suits the needs of our customers and will serve to cultivate the culture of saving in our nation.

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