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Econet expands coverage


ECONET has extended its coverage to serve the people of Pontšeng and Holy Cross in Thaba-Tseka and Mohale’s Hoek districts respectively.

The communities residing in the villages around Ponts’eng and Holy cross are already enjoying Econet services brought by the presence of these base stations in their areas.

Pontšeng tower provides access to the people of Pontšeng, Ha Thuube, Ha Motsepa, Thabong, Ha Moeko, Ha Phaila, Makhoakhoeng, Majakaneng, Khorong Ha Seiboko, Ha Majara, Ha Ntaote, Ha Mpota and Ha Moqekela.

Holy cross towers covers Ha Ramatlalla, Koung, Phatlalla, Seteisheneng, Ha Lehasa, Ha Falatsa, Matsatseng, Thibella, Lithakong, Ha Nkau, Ha Souru, Marabeng, Machoaboleng, Matlaleng, Ha Rabele, Likhakeng, Motse-Mocha, Ha Kalele, Phuthing, Ha Thomas, Ha Chola and Ha Thaba-Bosiu.

The construction of base stations create business opportunities to the communities through which partnerships are established. This was said by Econet’s Public Relations Officer, Puleng Masoabi.

“When a new tower is constructed, the people from the surrounding areas get the opportunity to partner with Econet as dealers and agents to assist others with airtime sales and other Econet services,” said Ms Masoabi.

Pontšeng and Holy Cross customers will be able to enjoy convenient services like paying bills with EcoCash, registering and paying insurance premiums for EcoSure, triple data benefit on Pokola and enter Econet promotions to win cash prizes and products & services which can all be accessed through *100#.

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