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Ba2cada fails to pitch up for show

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By Lerato Matheka


MASERU — Revellers thronged Meloding Club on Friday night.

They waited for Ba2cada.

He never came.

Dallas T, another draw card didn’t even play.

But the people partied until the wee hours of Saturday.

That’s pretty much what happened at Econet Telecom Lesotho Morija Arts and Culture Festival readiness show held at Meloding on Friday.

The event was organised by C2 Lesotho, a company that has been contracted to manage this year’s edition of the Econet Telecom Lesotho Morija Arts and Culture Festival.

But if the show was supposed to be a prelude of the real festival in September then people are in for scary times.

First, the show started late.

Secondly the main attraction, Ba2cada, didn’t make it at all.

Thirdly, three Djs that had been billed to perform at the show never did.

Yet the people behind the show seem satisfied.

They say it was a good start and there will be many more such shows to warm up the market before the real festival.

“We have started to promote the festival in the country. This is one of many activities we have lined up on our calendar,” says, Thabo Leanya, the festival director.

“The show is a teaser of the festival’s Friday session called the music mix.”

He said last year an event of this kind was held in Bloemfontein and Welkom to attract Basotho in the Free State but “C2 recommended we hold a night activity for Maseru to cultivate the market.”

The show featured the likes of DJ All Star, Stone, Iza, Glen Star and Claude alongside local DJs Tseko, Thabie, Hally, Mekonko and Daverts. 

So why were DJ Bootz and Dallas T removed from the list of performers?

“The festival’s time allocation is very limited,” said Leanya.

“We realised we won’t be able to accommodate all talent Lesotho has to offer hence we are organising event of this calibre to touch on those that we believe are of value to making the festival a success through promotional shows,” he said.

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