Youth should be agents of change




By JCI Maseru

AS young people, we should take responsibility for our future by not only speaking up but also by action. Failure of which may disadvantage us and generations to come.

If we keep complaining, looking at who does what for us, not looking to see what we do, we will become shameful future parents whose breed would be vulnerable and worse than the current challenges we are facing.

For the fact that we are not sure of when our country will have stable, forward focused, public interest-centric government which has the nation’s interests at heart, it may be wise for us young people to start forging international networks and seek international trade platforms.

It’s from these kind of concerns that Junior Chamber international (JCI) Maseru with its project team “Quality Education” enrolled for Chinese language (Mandarin) lessons from January 2017 and looking to start French lessons anytime from the second quarter of 2017. This is for adaptability as our networks are expanding globally.

JCI Lesotho is an affiliate member of JCI headquartered in the United States.

JCI is a global network of Young Active Citizens aged between 18 and 40 years who are dedicated and motivated to providing positive changes in their communities.

This they do by taking responsibility to devise solutions to the problems or challenges they see emerging in the world, continent, region, country, district, constituency, township, village and family.

JCI is a not-for-profit organization and its membership is composed of people who understand volunteerism.

Benefits of volunteerism among others include:

  • Personal development of new skills (Directing projects, Organizing events, Setting Goals, Planning and budgetary skills, Supervising and training skills)
  • Taking responsibility for your community (Seeking to be Agent of change)
  • Identify community needs and find solutions
  • Boost your career options
  • Experience to record in your profile.
  • Discovery of personal new interests, hobbies
  • New experiences: feel of work environment
  • Networking.

This does not only mean making new friends; it means the ability to find new customers, new suppliers, new business partnerships, potential employees, new business ideas, new technologies to improve your business performance etc.

One of our values reads: “We believe that service to humanity is the best work of life.”

We welcome anyone to be a member of JCI irrespective of colour, race, sex or political affiliation, so long as they are geared to being agents of change.

Some of our ongoing projects include:

– Learning foreign languages(Mandarin, French and Afrikaans..)

– Entrepreneurs capacity building programs

– Financial literary and investments education (currently on stock markets which include trading in shares and currencies).

Our Development partners include LCCI, UN, GBR etc

For further info, contact;

JCI Lesotho National President:

Bokang Molelle (+266) 59797760 / 62797760


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