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YouTuber trains local youths

Nthatuoa Koeshe

LIMPHO Phokojoe, a local YouTuber, recently held a one-day training session to equip unemployed local youths to generate income from social network platform YouTube.

A Young African Leaders Initiative alumnus, Limpho held the session at the American Corner at the State Library in Maseru.

For a year, Limpho has been running a YouTube channel where she gives tutorials on how to maintain natural hair.

She however, she has been using YouTube for the last nine years and says at first, she never thought she could generate income from her uploads.

“I was just uploading videos without fully knowing that I could earn money via YouTube but since I opened my own channel last year, and have full knowledge on the steps to take to monetise the platform, so I thought I should share with Lesotho youth,” Limpho said.

Limpho urged Basotho youths to start utilising the internet to generate income as they were currently failing to leverage the platform.

She took the group through all the steps to open a channel, content creation and the applications that they can use to edit their videos.

She also taught them about the technics that can use to attract traffic to their channels.

Limpho said YouTube was a simple way of making money but most Basotho youths were yet to realise it.

She said starting YouTube channels could offer some relief for many unemployed youths before they get jobs.

“One must just decide on the kind of content that they want to share which they think will generate people’s interest and create traffic and subscriptions which translate to money.”

She added that most people make excuses that they do not have access to good quality cameras but said the best was for YouTubers to use their mobile phones.

“I use my phone and so far, no one has complained about the quality of my videos and I advise Basotho to start utilising YouTube even if they start filming with their phones just like me,” she said.

Limpho said some of the subjects that YouTubers can choose from are lifestyle blogs, tutorials and travel videos. She also noted that even corporates can start monetising their online platforms to help grow their businesses.

“Some corporates do not have an online presence and those who do rarely update the content,” Limpho said.



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