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Youth leader storms out of meeting

Bongiwe Zihlangu

MASERU — Lesotho Congress for Democracy (LCD) youth league secretary general, Lebaka Bulane, on Friday walked out of a meeting called to discuss his criticism of four government ministers.
The youth league chairman, Thuso Litjobo, told the Sunday Express yesterday that Bulane stormed out of the meeting after he was asked to justify why he had issued the press release on Tuesday.
“The truth of the matter is that Bulane walked out of the meeting in which he was being asked to justify why he released the press statement. It was a shock to us when he just walked out,” Litjobo said.
“He walked out on us as we were busy grilling him about the press release. We wanted to know who authorised him to write and issue the statement without consulting with us first.”
He added: “He just walked out without providing us with reasons why he would go the extent of releasing a press release of that nature on his own.”
The meeting followed a scathing press statement released by Bulane on Tuesday in which he attacked four ministers accusing them of stalling development in Lesotho.
The ministers who were attacked were Finance Minister Timothy Thahane, Natural Resources Minister Monyane Moleleki, Trade Minister Leketekete Ketso and Home Affairs Minister Lesao Lehohla.
Moleleki, Thahane and Lehohla on Wednesday denied Bulane’s allegations saying the youth league secretary general was bitter because he had lost some business deals.
Litjobo said Bulane had asked the youth league president Mosala Mojakisane to be allowed to leave the meeting at 12 mid-day but he walked out shortly before 11.30am leaving the youth league members shocked.
Mojakisane confirmed that Bulane walked out of the meeting.
“He did tell me that he would leave at 12 but left without saying anything to anyone,” Mojakisane said.
Litjobo said the youth committee was in the process of instigating disciplinary measures against Bulane and that they had since written a letter to the LCD national executive committee to haul Bulane for a disciplinary hearing.
“After a decision has been reached, we will then inform our constituencies after which they will make a decision on what should be done with Ntate Bulane,” Litjobo said.
Bulane however yesterday rejected charges that he walked out of the meeting saying he had to leave for another meeting in Ladybrand at 11.30am.
“It is absurd to suggest that I walked out of the meeting. Why would I do that? I had an engagement in Ladybrand and I told Mojakisane that I’d leave at 11:30,” Bulane said.
“I’m surprised to hear that I walked out of the meeting. When people are frustrated they always find reasons to fabricate stories.”
On Friday the youth league issued its own statement rebutting Bulane’s allegations.
“Through the office of the LCD youth league president (Mosala Mojakisane), we find it imperative to replace Lebaka Bulane’s press release which has been attributed to our committee,” said youth league spokesperson, Mpaballeng Motjetjepa, on Friday.
“The press release is not ours and all the LCD youth league members should regard it as such. It does not exist.”
Motjetjepa alleged that Bulane had abused his position as the league’s secretary general to pursue his own personal interests.
“The truth of the matter is that the contents of the statement are Mr Lebaka Bulane’s personal sentiments,” Motjetjepa said.
“The error in all this is that Mr Lebaka Bulane exploited his position in the youth league and misused its logo.”
A defiant Bulane however insisted yesterday that he was not going to withdraw what he had said in the statement.
Bulane said the only time he would retract the statement would be if and when his colleagues in the LCD youth league gave him the guarantee that “doing so will curb the scourge of poverty” in Lesotho.
“I would withdraw the statement if doing so means poverty will be eradicated in Lesotho,” Bulane said.
“I swear that I would withdraw everything I’ve said in that press release if it means my doing so would provide solutions to improving Basotho’s poor quality of life and end the hunger and poverty we’re faced with.”
“If they really believe that there’s no hunger and poverty in Lesotho and that the majority of Basotho are not living below the poverty line, them I’m prepared to accept that my committee members will always be divided on this issue,” Bulane said.

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