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Young mother battling aggressive tumour begs for help


’Marafaele Mohloboli

NINETEEN-year-old Nthuseng Monyopi sits on a floor mat starring at the floor in her relative’s Ha-Seoli home, in Maseru.

She momentarily looks up to see the faces in the room but her yes quickly dart back to the floor. From then on, her eyes alternate between the floor and her seven-months old baby nestled in her mother’s lap not far from where she is sitting.

A huge lump on her head oozes a mixture of blood and puss. The discharge gives off a stench.

And Nthuseng, who is originally from Tlokoeng in Thaba-Tseka, urgently needs help from well-wishers to enable her to seek medical attention. She has previously consulted several local doctors but they have all failed to provide a diagnosis. She is currently living with a relative in Maseru while seeking medical assistance.

According to her 41-year-old mother, ’Mabolokang Monyopi, Nthuseng was born with what looked like a small lump on the right side of her head but it varnished soon afterwards.

Nthuseng grew up like any other child and went to primary school without any problems. However, she started having excruciating headaches which ultimately forced her to drop out of school when she was in Grade 9 in 2019.

Later that year, she developed something that looked like a pimple. But it kept on growing bigger and bigger. She had to be operated.

But when she thought her problems were over, the tumour resurfaced. This time, it was more painful and aggressive. It constantly oozes blood and foul-smelling puss.

When the Sunday Express crew recently visited her in Ha-Seoli, they observed a heart-rending picture of a young woman whose petals had been dimmed, whose body had been ravaged by the constant pain from the unforgiving tumour.

“I’m in constant pain, this tumour is painful and the stench that comes from it is awful,” she said.

“I desperately need help but I have lost hope after several doctors said they did not know what had caused the growth. Some have said it could be cancer but they are not certain.”

The situation is just as painful for her mother who can’t afford her medical needs or feed her. She is an unemployed single mother and she says they can go for days without food.

“I have taken her to several doctors. I have even taken her to private doctors. I have taken her to Paray as well as Queen ’Mamohato Memorial Hospital (QMMH) but we were told that they could not help us.

“I am confident that she will get assistance soon because we have been referred to a surgeon working at QMMH and we have an appointment scheduled for 25 October. I hope that she will be able to assist my daughter. My prayer is that at least she can diagnose her so that she can get help,” Ms Monyopi said.

Ms Monyopi said those willing to assist her can either contact her on 5786 3684 or send money on MPESA on the same number.

“The number is registered under the name ‘Mamorongoe Tsietsi,” Ms Monyopi said.


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