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Women shine in fitness boot-camp



Mohalenyane Phakela

FIVE female participants won all five main prizes of return flights to Johannesburg, South Africa after being crowned top performers at yesterday’s Maluti Sky boot-camp at DLM Complex in Maseru.

Maluti Sky, a division of Matekane Group of Companies (MGC), held the boot-camp in partnership with One Planet Gym with the aim of promoting the airline as well as a healthy lifestyle.

The six hour workout event started at 6am with a roadwork from DLM Complex via the Maqalika route, the Setsoto Stadium and back to the Complex via the Main North 1 Road.

Upon arrival at Khubetsoana, the participants were only given a five minute break before engaging in a hectic outdoor workout which included aerobics, bicycle riding and other exercises using tyres- all of which were carried out in the pouring rain.

The boot-camp continued inside the gym where participants competed in different exercises which were facilitated by One Planet Gym instructors as well as visiting instructors from South Africa.

4Fordy club’s resident disc jockeys provided free sound.

Five female participants scooped the top prizes and another four were rewarded with free one month subscriptions to the gym.

All participants were given a 40% discount on the M250 monthly gym subscription for their efforts.

MGC Marketing Manager, ‘Mamotake Matekane said they had organised the initiative because “corporate people are usually busy and never have time to work out”.

“So through this project we want to show people that working out promotes healthy lifestyles which in turn result in productive employees and that gym can also be fun.

“The event was a success and based on that we are going to map out how often we can hold such activities and hopefully it will be on a quarterly basis.”

She said, in addition, her company wanted “to reach out to people outside of work and tell them more about Maluti Sky”.

One of the gym’s instructors, Seabata Makoae, said that their aim was to expose subscribers and visitors to various forms of exercise.

“We normally workout with gym members for about an hour each day so we decided to give them a hectic session this Saturday as well as introduce them and our visitors to other activities, while also promoting the gym.

“We also had visiting instructors who showed us some of the routines they practise in their gyms in South Africa,” he said.

One of the winners, ‘Mapalesa Lemeke spoke of her wish to see such initiatives being held regularly as they exposed them to different styles of keeping fit.

“I gym here but due to busy schedules I am not consistent. However, this encourages us to exercise more and also introduces us to more routines, and therefore, I wish to see this kind of initiatives on a regular basis.

“I never thought I would win as I was competing with men and younger ladies,” she said, adding, she had only attended to exercise in a fun-filled environment.

She said it would be her first time flying with Maluti Sky and “I am looking forward to the experience”.

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