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Woman strangles rapist, charged with murder

‘Mantoetse Maama

MASERU — A woman who strangled to death a man who attempted to rape her is languishing in remand prison after being charged with murder.

’Masemakaleng Sepotola, from Mphaki in Quthing called the police three weeks ago as the 26-year-old man who had sneaked into her home before attempting to rape her lay dead.

The deceased’s body was taken from Sepotola’s house to the mortuary by the police during the same night, while she was allowed to hand herself over to the police the following morning.

The woman appeared in court on March 14 charged with murder.

She was transferred from Quthing Correctional Services to Mafeteng Correctional Services on March 23 while awaiting her next court appearance on April 14.

“The deceased went to the suspect’s home at night to rape her but she (suspect) over powered him. She then strangled him to death,” Masupha Masupha, the police spokesperson said.

Director of Public Prosecution Leaba Thetsane said there could be reprieve for Sepotola because the extenuating circumstances in her case could work in her favour.

“The case is not yet before me. But if a person kills a crime suspect in that manner then after gauging the reasons we might opt for either a self-defence acquittal or culpable homicide,” Thetsane said when approached for comment on Sepotola’s case.

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