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Woman bites off rapist’s tongue

‘Mantoetse Maama

MASERU — A 23-year-old man from Ha Thetsane got more than what he bargained for when a woman he had attempted to rape bit off a chunk of his tongue on November 19, police spokesperson Masupha Masupha has confirmed.
The man is alleged to have broken into the house at night and attempted to rape the 29-year-old woman.
The woman fought back, biting off a piece of his tongue.
The suspect’s tongue will be used in court as an exhibit.
The suspect, who was treated as an outpatient at a local hospital, is in custody pending his appearance in court.
In August a 42-year-old woman from Mohale’s Hoek managed to fend off a suspected rapist by biting off his tongue as he tried to kiss her during the assault.
The 19-year-old suspect also stabbed his victim several times.
The woman went to Mohale’s Hoek police station where she reported the incident the following day.
She also gave the police the piece of the tongue she had bitten off the suspect during the encounter.
Luck ran out for the suspect when his father took him to the police to seek a medical form so that he could open an assault case against his “son’s assailant”.
The suspect had told his father that he had lost a piece of his tongue during a fight.
The father was shocked when police told him that they were looking for his son in connection with a case of rape that had been reported the previous day, Masupha said.
The search party managed to identify a 22-year-old man who could not talk properly because his tongue had been bitten off. The man was jailed for 10 years for rape.

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