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‘We are ready to die for Lesotho’

’Marafaele Mohloboli

THE leader of the newly registered Socialist Revolution party (SR), Teboho Mojapela, says he will leave no stone unturned even if it means giving up his own life to ensure Lesotho achieves peace, stability and sustainable economic development.

Mr Mojapela said this in his acceptance speech on Friday upon receiving his party’s certificate of registration from the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) at the MGC Park in Maseru.

The development comes three months after the party, also known by its Sesotho name, Kanana ea Basotho, was formed by Mr Mojapela- a prominent business man and former member of the ruling All Basotho Convention (ABC).

Mr Mojapela took a swipe at some unnamed political parties and their leaders, saying they had contributed to the systematic impoverishment of Basotho.

He said those parties and their leaders were hypocrites who pretended to be patriotic while they were only concerned with their own well-being.

“Lesotho has been in this state of poverty because of people who don’t love this country but love to be in prominent positions,” Mr Mojapela said, adding, “As long as such people’s families are satisfied, then it is all good for them”.

He said the SR’s registration certificate was their licence to become adversaries of “those who think that they are everything and therefore have a right to do as they please with this country”.

“As the SR, we are not going to play but we are going to fix this country’s issues by all means possible, be it good or bad. If we can’t fix them amicably we shall use our muscles.

“We are going to fix this country and this will not be an easy journey but one that calls for commitment.

“Even if we are all to die, it is alright as long as our blood shall be enough to save Lesotho.”

For his part, IEC Operations Officer, Kotsoane Motsie, congratulated SR for successfully registering as a political party.

“The SR has managed to meet the threshold of 500 members registered with IEC.

“They were expected to give the IEC 50 names of members but they managed to provide 152 names. They also have a functional bank account and an office,” Mr Motsie said.

The certification ceremony attracted approximately 500 supporters from all walks of life.

They came in different kinds from top-of-the-range motor vehicles to hired buses. Some even walked to the venue and joined their well-heeled counterparts to turn parts of the Maseru central business district into a veritable sea of orange with their new party tee-shirts.


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