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Waiting for Judgment Day

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SO there are religious fanatics who would like us to believe that the world will come to an end on May 21 2011?

Charlatans from the US-based Family Radio are telling anyone who cares to listen that it’s less than six months before we kiss this world good-bye.

Vuvuzela is dying to know how these American prophets of doom came up with the exact date of the so-called Judgment Day.

All along Vuvuzela was of the belief that no-one knows the day of Jesus’ second coming.  The Holy Bible suggests that not even the angels know the day.

In fact, all orthodox churches disagree with the Family Radio testament.

Yet the prophets of doom are adamant. 

A visit to the Family Radio website to get the premise of their claim did not help matters.

After going through the website’s pages a dozen times Vuvuzela could still not master the cryptic formula used by the organisation to determine the date of the Judgment Day.

It’s anyone’s guess how many other ordinary people are as flummoxed by Family Radio’s Judgment Day arithmetic.

The eccentric religious outfit claims to be “thoroughly committed to the person and salvation work of Jesus Christ as revealed in God’s divine, infallible word, the bible”.

Among other things Family Radio says it is a Christian, non-profit, non-denominational and educational organisation dedicated to obeying God’s command to preach the gospel to every creature.

Formed in 1958 in San Francisco, USA, under the name Family Stations Inc, it claims on its website that its board of directors and staff are thoroughly “persuaded by our obedience to God’s word, that He has established this ministry for the sole purpose of using all its energy and resources to: proclaim the true gospel to all nations around the world and accurately teach the gospel of the lord and saviour Jesus Christ”.

Curiously, immediately after laying out their impressive profile the Judgment Day purveyors do not forget to provide a link which persuades well-wishers to make secure electronic financial donations towards their noble ministry.

Given the wide visibility the organisation has in countries outside America, including Lesotho, there is no doubt the Family Radio movement is a beneficiary of generous financial and material donations from gullible well-wishers.

Vuvuzela is aware that after Ponzi or pyramid schemes religion is the most profitable enterprise on this planet.

That is why founders of churches and religious leaders are among the richest people anywhere in the world.

The tragedy of it all is that these religious fat cats live off the savings of poor followers who make offerings under the belief that they are resourcing a divine mission when in many cases they are financing the most circular proclivities of these religious demagogues.

Vuvuzela is anxiously waiting to see what will happen on May 21 2011.

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