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Vodacom rebrands

Staff Reporter

MASERU — Vodacom Lesotho on Wednesday officially launched a new brand identity.

The company unveiled new corporate colours and a logo throughout the country’s 10 districts.

“We promise to deliver a smart network, competitive value, and unparalleled customer service,” the company said in a statement.

Vodacom is changing its branding from blue to red, which is the primary colour of the company’s majority shareholder, Vodafone.

Vodafone holds a 65 percent stake in Vodacom.

As the world’s leading mobile telecommunications company, Vodafone boasts 341 million proportionate subscribers (as of November 2010) worldwide.

 It has a presence in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific and the United States.

“The rationale behind changing the branding is to establish one corporate identity in all the markets where Vodacom and/or Vodafone have a presence, thus establishing uniformity and consistency throughout the group,” Tsabiso Letsoela, Vodacom Lesotho managing executive, said.

“Although the colours and logos will change, Vodacom will not be changing its name.

“We promise to remain the same Vodacom that customers and stakeholders are accustomed to, but with greater benefits and rewards with focus on our new culture of speed, simplicity and trust.

“In essence, we are now a truly global company with local roots,” Letsoela said.

“With a new brand change comes a new strategy with a vision to make every customer smile,’ the company said.

Basotho can look forward to a smart network that is wide-ranging, reliable, and with high speed and which offers competitive value and affordability as well as unparalleled customer service that makes it quicker and simpler for customers to interact with Vodacom.

Letsoela added: “In fact, dramatically improved customer service is one of the major features in Vodacom’s new strategy. Vodacom’s pay-off line, power to you, speaks exactly to this commitment to our customers.”

“Vodacom’s global presence means Basotho can also anticipate the latest world-class technologies, products and services, focusing on putting power of the internet into people’s hands,” Malik Melamu, Vodacom’s managing director, said.

“Our most important asset, our people, have something to smile about. The company will be actively creating an environment in which our people can excel and grow.

“We will also continuously partner with our stakeholders in taking the lead in industry issues, working together with the government, business and NGOs on social initiatives, driving sustainable and ethical business practices, and building a reputation of being a company that is fair and easy to do business with,” Malik said.

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