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Vodacom launches ‘fastest’ wireless network in Lesotho


Staff Writer

Thursday’s launch of Long Term Evolution (LTE), or 4G, as it is commonly known, marks another huge milestone in the history of Vodacom Lesotho, the company’s Managing Director, Ian Ferrao has said.

According to Mr Ferrao, the launch was another “first” for Lesotho as the telecoms giant “continues to lead the way” in delivering true value for customers and innovation for the country.

LTE—which offers  a new, simple, super-fast and reliable internet service to customers , both at consumer and business level—has now been deployed in many countries around the world and has become one of the fastest growing technologies.

“Demand for internet connectivity is growing at unprecedented rates as entire populations adopt new ways of communicating, connecting and running businesses; Lesotho, like the rest of the world, is entering an era driven by the ‘internet of things’. Vodacom Lesotho’s LTE network is the foundation for serving this growth in Lesotho, and supported by the company’s extensive 3G network, Vodacom is intent on keeping Basotho connected, and driving Lesotho’s economic development and competitiveness, in ways that are on par with the rest of the world’s growing economies,” said Mr  Ferrao in a statement.  

The “revolutionary new offering” would be available both on prepaid and post-paid packages to ensure all Basotho are able to access the service. Speaking on the significance of LTE to customers, Vodacom’s Executive Head of Enterprise and Consumer Business Unit, Johnny Dos Santos, said: “The lightning fast speeds offered by the LTE network will revolutionise the internet experience for Basotho everywhere, whether at home or at the office, through the affordable packages that we have put in place, both for those wishing to connect on a prepaid or post-paid basis.”

Vodacom Lesotho went live with LTE on Thursday, 2 October, with a choice to be connected with an indoor modem or a mobile WiFi modem for their customer’s convenience. It is a new era for internet connectivity in Lesotho, and the company is excited as all Basotho embrace this momentous advancement, and explore the different ways in which technology can play a powerful role in driving socio-economic development in Lesotho, Mr Dos Santos added.


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