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Veteran DJ in comeback show


DJ Thabie
DJ Thabie

Mohalenyane Phakela

DJ Thabbie, has earmarked his 38th year birthday celebrations at Times Café on Friday as a launch-pad to rekindle his disc spinning career.

The veteran DJ is regarded as one of the local disc spinning pioneers who used of vinyl in the late 1990s until 2006 when he forayed into other endeavours.

The Maqalika-based DJ told Xpress People this past week he decided to end his 10-year absence at the instigation of some of his protégés with whom he will also perform during the birthday celebrations. These include Agent K, DJ Mosh, Davertz, Luda, Dallas T, Boots and Dixie.

“I have not been publicly celebrating my birthday since 2006 when I held the last event featuring my mentor DJ Fresh from South Africa,” he said.

“At that time, being a DJ was not considered as a full-fledged career back then, and that is why I decided to focus on something from which I could earn a living. I have since been in the construction industry for the past 10 years.”

DJ Thabbie said he would use vinyl in his set, since that is what he is used to.

“Vinyl has always been my preference, so I will be using vinyl turntables during my set while the other DJs may use CD turntables if they want,” he said, adding that there were few artists on the line-up to ensure they all get playing time.

“We all know that local events actually start at around 10pm until 4am the following day. So, having about 20 artists on the lineup means others are going to perform before 10pm when revellers are not yet at the venue while others are given 15 minute slots which are not enough because they barely accommodate three songs.”

Narrating his biography, DJ Thabbie said he was taught the tricks of the trade in 1996 by renowned DJ Fresh in Botswana when the latter was a presenter at Radio Botswana. Thabbie returned to Lesotho the following year and launched himself as a DJ. In 2002, he hosted DJ Fresh for the first time in Lesotho and continued to bring him until 2006.

The Vodacom Superstar DJ Category judge also revealed that his comeback will include an album although he has not yet set the release date.

“I am also working on my debut album which will be dedicated to my return. I have already worked on a couple of singles which I cannot reveal now. The singles will start to be available online from early August to get people ready for the full album,” he said.

“I am coming back to stay this time and will be hosting various events. I also intend to bring DJ Fresh once again as he has become a stranger to this land.

During the event, alcoholic beverages will be sold at reduced prices since the event will be supported by Castle Lite beer and Hunters Ciders.


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