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Versatile designer dreams big

Nthatuoa Koeshe

LIMKOKWING University of Creative Technology graduate Kabelo Motebang holds nothing back when it comes to creating aesthetically innovative garments which incorporate modern and traditional fabrics to construct striking and elegant looks off ordinary items.

Some of Kabelo’s designs

The Lithabaneng based designer, who holds a degree in Fashion and Apparel Design is dreaming big and aims to one day venture into mass production.

Kabelo’s designs have a modern take on traditional African patterns mixed with stripes and other geometric patterns.

Her brand is called Avant Cee Elle and are known for merging contemporary styles with traditional textiles.

Her designs are for both sexes and all ages.

Kabelo recently told the Xpress People that her the brand started in 2013 during a school project in her final year at Limkokwing University of Creative Technology.

It later grew in 2016 when she emerged as a young designer standing on her own designing custom made garments for any client that came along.

“The origin of my brand is a fusion of modern and traditional fabrics to construct a different look which differentiates it from the existing brands making it stand out to the market,” Kabelo said.

The 27-year-old designer said Avant Cee Elle is inspired by her culture and heritage.

In 2018 she showcased her designs at a charity show hosted by Hessie’s Creations. She also took part in three other shows which were hosted by Tgee Modelling and Branding company in the same year. In 2019 she showcased at a Royalty Fashion Experience September 2019.

“All of the shows were exciting and they improvement each time from fabrics to innovation so that one’s range stands out from the rest.”

Kabelo is one designer who has always managed to pick what the market needs with her custom wear, suits, dresses, skirts, sweaters, bridesmaids dresses, uniforms, aprons and many other garments she makes.

The young designer says she has focused her entire range on Avant Garde, from where her inspiration comes.

“Avant Garde is a type of style that is bold, innovative and experimental, with respect to art, culture and society and those are all the elements I included in Avant Cee Elle,” she said.

She said she was happy with the growth of her brand which gives her confidence in growing into owning a big creative space with a supporting group of employees for mass production of goods that have a striking differential element.

“I love fashion because there is more to it than just making clothes. It is an expression, a lifestyle, individual preferences which takes a good eye to interpret everything into a fabric of which the next person will love.”

Kabelo told the Xpress People that fashion was her first love from an early age and she used to make clothes for her dolls.

She said her inspiration was also drawn from seeing both her grandmother and mother work on their sewing machines.

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