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US House group to rock beer festival


Mohalenyane Phakela

AMERICAN House music group, Tortured Soul, are billed to perform at the second edition of the Kome Caves Beer Festival which will run from 28 – 31November.

The New York-based live house-music group comprises Ethan White on keys and backing vocals, John-Christian Urich on drums and lead vocals, and bassist Jason Kriveloff.

Tortured Soul’s origins date back to 2001. They have produced quite a number of bangers such as At the Bottom, Another Lover and I know What’s On Your Mind which features South African House legend Black Coffee. Their distinctive style has earned them fans all over the world, landing them unlimited international tours.

The house band shot to rocket heights with their 2004 release I Might Do Something Wrong, which was remixed by American house OsunLade.

The song, along with Fall in Love, was well received by fans across the world, making them a house hold name with club DJs and music lovers alike.

According to Tortured Soul, they received the most radio-play in South Africa than anywhere else in the world.

Influenced by the classic singing craft of Prince, Heatwave and Kool & The Gang, the members of Tortured Soul are three distinctive guys with three different backgrounds, united under a groove-centered rhythm. The band consists of three gentlemen: John-Christian Urich, who is the principal songwriter who can be seen simultaneously drumming and singing with effortless mastery, while the rest of the collective, keyboardist Ethan White and bassist Jordan Scannella, generate the exciting accompaniment.

Inside the group’s charm, the acid jazz is resonant of funk music, deeply saturated in the contemporary freshness of House musos like Joey Negro, Kenny Dope, Soul Clap and Jamie Jones.

The trio is clearly looking forward to visiting Lesotho if their social media posts are anything to go by. On their Facebook page, the group notified their Lesotho and South African fans to expect to be blown away.

“We are coming for a weekend of fun in the Kingdom of Mountains at the Kome Caves Beer and Glamping Festival on November 29,” read one post.

The inaugural festival which was held around this time last year for two days, attracted brewers from across Africa, revelers and beer enthusiasts from around the world. This year there will be over 40 craft and mactro beers for for days, with performances from 340ml, DJ Invinzible, MsKelle, Kolu Live Jazz Band, Marimba Band, Bhudaza and D2aMajoe among others, as well as camping and other activities.


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