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Unkle_Krack releases promo video

Nthatuoa Koeshe

HIP HOP artiste Unkle_Krack recently released a promotion video which he says will be followed a new track Ain’t no way “to welcome the year 2019”.

The promotion video was shot by videographer, Nkopane Mojakisane, with a sound track of the artiste’s Friends and Enemies track released in 2018 and is currently streaming on different social media platforms after being uploaded on Friday.

Unkle_Krack told the Xpress People recently that the video was only meant to hype him as brand and would soon be followed by the Ain’t no way music video and others from his mix tape Changes released in 2017 but only made noise late last year.

“I am recording Ain’t no way, a track which explores all the challenges faced by musicians although I not settle for the little which the music industry is offering other artistes,” Unkle_Krack said.

“I am not going to compromise my work because of what the industry is offering and I am also talking about the negative energy that I will not let affect me or my music.”

Born Neo Malea, Unkle_Krack/Big Unk, is a Mosotho-born record producer, rapper and songwriter who started his musical journey 2009 as a rapper before venturing into production.

In 2017, Unkle_Krack released his first mixtape Changes which has fifteen tracks where he tells his life story and how he ended up venturing into music.

“The reason I called it Changes is because I felt I was living a life which was not mine and I felt I had to make changes,” he said.

He told the paper that after releasing the mix tape, he encountered challenges to get airplay until 2018 when he started promoting the music.

“I am still pushing the project because it is only now that it is getting attention. I am now planning tours and music videos to hype the mix tape,” he said.

He said the mix tape is selling on Itunes, Spotify and other online streaming music sites while it has also performed well selling hard copies.

Unkle_Krack said there were many factors hindering the progress of the industry including the absence of royalties.

“For an artiste, air play should mean pay day but we do not have that in Lesotho yet and the only time we make money is during the December festivals via bookings,” he said

He further noted that as artistes they should start producing quality music which can be played by DJ’s without worrying about poor quality.

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