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UK donor in fatal motorcycle crash

Limpho Sello

A United Kingdom donor and rider, Paul Hocking, was recently killed in a motorcycle crash in Maseru.

Mr Hocking died on the 5th of this month when his motorcycle collided with a taxi at Thaba-Putsoa in the Maseru district.

Mr Hocking was in the country along with a team from Two wheel for life, a non-governmental organisation which recently donated 20 motorcycles worth £60 000 (M2 million) the Ministry of health. The motorcycles are meant to be used in the provision of health services to villagers in hard to reach areas.

The team was on a 10-day tour where they also wanted to get firsthand experience of the challenges that health service providers encounter in the country.

The riders ended their tour with an emotional farewell ceremony at the Thaba Bosiu Cultural Village on 9 October 2018.

Health Minister, Nkaku Kabi expressed his heartfelt condolences to the riders and said while they were excited about the assistance that had been received from Two wheels for life, it was a heavy heart.

Mr Kabi said arrangements were being made for one of the managers in the ministry to attend Mr Hocking’s funeral to show their gratitude.

“We fully understand what you could be going through but besides the tragedy, your visit to the country is going to bring life to people in the remote areas as services will be delivered to them through the bikes which you donated today,” Mr Kabi said.

“I would like to thank you and hope the relationship grows stronger for the benefit of the people in the remote areas.”

A representative of Two wheels for life, Kenny Peterson, said their tour to the country was an eye0-openor as they experienced the terrain and the challenges that health service providers encounter in doing their work.

“We spent time with nurses in the health facilities we saw their dedication to their work,” Mr Peterson said.

He said he would not speak about Mr Hocking’s tragic passing to allow his family to get closure.

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