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Turkey invites locals to business summit


Exhibition presents clothing retailers and potential textile factory owners with great opportunity to meet manufacturers and investors

Rethabile Pitso

The Turkish Confederation of Businessmen and Industrialists (TUSKON) is inviting Basotho to a two-day business summit scheduled for Istanbul in March this year.

The annual fair, called Turkey World Trade Bridge (TWTB), is expected to attract delegates from all over the world, among them potential investors seeking partnerships to establish textile businesses in Lesotho.

In addition to international guests, at least 150 manufacturers from Turkey are expected to display their products during the exhibition, while over 1000 of the country’s distinguished entrepreneurs would also be present to engage with participants for possible business partnerships.

According to South African Turkish Business Association representative, Aidin Inal, the event would present “mutually beneficial opportunities of investment” for participants hoping to filter into new markets.

“We are firstly looking into providing opportunities for Basotho who wish to establish clothing shops or are looking for alternative stock suppliers. This is a great business opportunity that should not be missed as the delegates would be able to see a variety of apparel and compare the quality and pricing first hand.

“We are also hoping to help locals establish partnerships with investors in say, establishing a textile factory here in Lesotho.

“The investor would provide funding for the business, which is why we believe this is a worthwhile event to attend for Basotho.

“Turkey is one of the best countries in the world in terms of quality clothing and pricing, so we are encouraging Basotho to attend this exhibition,” Mr Inal said.

According to Mr Inal, TUSKON was committed to duty-free trade to enable an efficient and profitable business.

Mr Inal further said participation was free of charge but delegates would finance their travel and accommodation.

“For further information, those willing to be part of this exciting event can contact me on this email address: aydininal@gmail.com,” Mr Inal added.


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