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Tšepong loses staff to low salaries


Limpho Sello

QUEEN Mamohato Memorial Hospital (QMMH also known as Tsepong) says it is losing some of its staff to Non-Governmental Organisations who offer nurses and pharmacy technicians comparatively higher wages.

QMMH Assistant General Manager, ‘Manthuntsane Mohapi, recently told the Sunday Express that the hospital had lost at least seven percent of the nursing staff compliment.

Ms Mohapi said they were consequently forced to frequently recruit new nurses and pharmacy technicians, thus burdening the human resource department which had to conduct frequent in-service training to prepare the new recruits for efficient service delivery.

“The human resource department becomes seriously overwhelmed with new recruitments as we keep on hiring and conduct trainings to enable able them to work effectively,” Ms Mohapi said on Friday.

Asked whether they had tried to retain their employees by offering them improved salaries Ms Mohapi said: “Tsepong is funded by the government where it is given cash on a fixed formula”.

“Tsepong salaries used to be higher than those of civil servants but things took a different turn when the latter’s salaries were increased in 2015 and ours remained the same hence there was a now a huge gap.

“When there has been a salary increment, it would only be by five percent and from the fixed money we get from the government, increments are not always possible.”

She said in any event, the bulk of the funding they received from government went to building, medication and equipment expenses.

Ms Mohapi said they had however tabled their challenges to the government and they hoped for a positive response.

Ms Mohapi also applauded staff members who had stuck with them even under the challenging conditions they had to work under.


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