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Tšenola man narrates shocking sexual abuse

Adam Amerika Lethole says he was forced to lick the private parts of nine female members of the local Crime Prevention Committee as punishment for the alleged rape of a local minor 

Tefo Tefo

A 62-year-old man from Tšenola stunned the Maseru Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday last week as he narrated how he was allegedly forced to lick the private parts of nine women from his village’s Crime Prevention Committee early this year.

Adam Amerika Lethole told the court he has never been the same again after the nine women reportedly forced him to perform the “abhorrent act”, while they fondled his manhood and assaulted him following his arrest for allegedly raping a nine-year-old girl from the neighbourhood.

The nine women are charged with contravening the 2003 Sexual Offences Act and 2010 Penal Code for the alleged abuse, which reportedly took place in the morning hours of 16 March 2014.
In his testimony, Lethole said his ordeal started when members of the committee arrested him after claiming he had raped a nine-year-old girl from the same neighbourhood.
“It was on the morning of 16 March this year when members of the Crime Prevention Committee (CPC) arrived and arrested me.
“They drove me to the chief’s residence where I was told that I was being charged with raping a minor girl.

“It was then decided that some CPC women from the village should take me to a donga where they would deal with me and the women, who are now before the court, took me to the said ditch,” Lethole said.
The visibly emotional Lethole said before leaving the chief’s home, he was made to put on his head, a bowl which is normally used by women in the rural areas for urinating purposes during the night.
That particular bowel is popularly known as thuoana in Sesotho.
“A panty was attached to that thuoana that I was putting on my head as the women drove me to the donga.

“They were singing, shouting and blowing whistles as they continued humiliating me in the village until we reached the donga where worst things I had ever imagined could happen, took place,” he said.
Lethole told the court there was a small cave in the donga where he was ordered by the women to undress.
“After remaining totally naked, the women started approaching me, and showing their private parts to me. I thought it was the last humiliation and harassment that I was going to be subjected to, only to find out that it was the beginning of my ordeal. They started covering me with their dresses.

“They started dipping their fingers into their private parts and made me suck the fluids on their fingers. I was made to lick the fluid that they were retrieving from their private parts as they dipped their fingers in those private parts, as well as being made to lick the private parts themselves. I couldn’t believe what was happening to me!
“At the same time, they would pull my private parts as they continued singing a song which I could not even understand.
“I could see some men sitting on some rocks nearby as they were escorting the women so that they could assist them if I tried to fight them.

“The whole thing, which started just after nine in the morning, ended at around 3pm. But before we returned to the chief’s home, one of the women used a stick to assault me and I was then ordered to put on my clothes,” he said.

The partly grey-haired and bearded Lethole said the women then made him carry a bundle of firewood to the chief’s residence.
“On arrival at the chief’s home, I was taken behind his house where I was warned that this should be the last time I was committing this kind of offence, that I was being accused of.
“However, I was surprised that I was never been charged before a court of law for the alleged rape.

“Those people have not even reported me to the police. The bottom line is I was attacked and humiliated for no apparent reason.”
The case continues before Senior Resident Magistrate Peter Murenzi.

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