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Treat all teams equally

Re: Lefa to pay refs, Sunday Express September 19-25 2010

 I am really surprised the issue of who pays the referees is coming up at all. Is it not the government, through the Ministry of Sports and Recreation, which is supposed to pay them?

The ministry receives money every financial year from the government so why does it not pay them?

I want to thank league sponsor Vodacom Lesotho for the funding but I still think the government has to do its bit. 

Also, teams like LDF, LMPS and LCS are sponsored by the government because they are the teams of various government departments. They get transport and other benefits.

Why is it that other teams do not get some benefits? Those who get sponsored are using our taxes. In South Africa there is no team owned by the government because they want to treat them equally.



 In reply to the comment above I would say the Ministry of Sports and Recreation gives the Lesotho Football Association (Lefa) the money to do those things (paying referees) but Lefa does not do that because they prioritise other costs. There are people who work in Lefa who don’t even have to. Some of the coaches and administrators are doing nothing. All they know is how to take home their salaries at the end of the month.



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