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TRC donates books to schools


Limpho Sello

THE Transformation Resource Centre (TRC) will soon distribute more than 116 000 books to 34 schools at a ceremony slated for March, a librarian at the institution has revealed.

The books were sourced from an Australian-based organisation, Books for Lesotho International Incorporated, which collaborates with TRC on the initiative which is aimed at improving children’s reading, writing skills and English language knowledge.

TRC Librarian, Seithati Mokhomo recently told the Sunday Express that this was the 10th annual shipment of books from Books for Lesotho Inc. for onward distribution to schools.

Ms Mokhomo said next year they would be selecting new recipients after donating consistently to the same schools over a five year period in order to help them to set up libraries.

 “We gave out books to the selected schools for a period of five years and certainly in 2018 we will starting to distribute books to newly selected schools,” Ms Mokhomo said.

“Normally we go to the schools but this time we decided to hold the ceremony at our premises.

“This is where all the beneficiaries will share experiences on how the books helped to improve the children’s reading and writing skills as well as boosting their general academic performance,” Ms Mokhomo said.

She said it was unfortunate that some schools simply stockpiled the books and never gave them to learners contrary to the aim of ensuring that students fully utilised and benefitted from the donations.

Books for Lesotho Inc. was started by one Mr David Linn and he has been working with TRC since 2007 to encourage literacy and improve children’s reading, writing skills and English language knowledge.

Mr Linn said his partnership with TRC was based on the shared goal of helping others appreciate the importance of reading.

“I must also add that the partnership has become a success because of our love for Lesotho,” Mr Linn said.

 He said for many years, his family had assisted TRC to establish libraries in Lesotho schools.




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