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Travelling to revive yourself

by Sunday Express
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By Mojabeng Dorcas Senekal

BEING comfortable in our own space is the most natural and most humanly thing possible, it is that aspect of life that we cannot ignore but can definitely do without.

We get so comfortable that we forget that there is an entire world out there full of adventures, full of different cultures, full of colour and life.

We deprive ourselves of this phenomenal world because we would rather choose comfort. It is easy to choose comfort, it chooses you too, and it takes over your mind, your body and soul. I dare you to challenge yourself; get out of your comfort zone, travel and live.

The power of travel is beneath our understanding, I believe this is why the world is physically as is, for us to be able to explore and understand ourselves through travelling around the world. We think we know ourselves so much, of course we know who we are, but not completely. You never knew the person you are in say a fire fight; until you are actually involved in one, you will never know who you are in a fire fight. I make this comparison to travel because, I believe seeing and being in a new environment changes the person that you are on a random Tuesday in your home; it refreshes the mind, even heals wounds one did not know were still open.

With a good three weeks of international air, I revived my emotional health; on a scale of 1 to 10 my happiness is at 100, just because of changing environments, my goal achieving spirit is at A level and my appreciation of life is out of this world. Do not wait for yourself to die inside before you take a revive tour, it does not even have to be far, just enough for you to feel the difference between yesterday you and today you.

When you make your new year’s resolution, make sure you include “travel, living and loving life”. If you are lucky enough visit a country where the native language is one you cannot understand, where the food makes you feel like a better meal until you taste it and never want anything else and that will be the best experience of your entire existence. Ask yourself every morning whether you are alive or just living and if the answer is “just living” then you are not appreciating life and now we know how we can do otherwise right. If the answer is “alive” then you my friend are revived. New motto; live and love life.

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