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Trainer launches fitness programme

Nthatuoa Koeshe

TWENTY-three-year-old fitness trainer Seutloali Makhonofane says he is on a mission to help people live healthy lifestyles through his recently launched Fitness with Seutloali M programme.

The programme is aimed at helping people lose or gain weight, burn belly fat, toning and improvement of healthy skin.

He said the programme involves knowing the clients’ exact needs and customising their meal plans and exercise schedules.

Seutloali told the Xpress People that the programme is open to everyone regardless of age, race, shape and location since he is also running it online.

“This programme is fundamentally based on improving the only true wealth in the world which is our health and I am willing to help anyone who approaches me,” Seutloali said.

He said most of his clients would be online but also said he would conduct one-on-one sessions with those who prefer such arrangements.

He said he guides them through the steps daily and also adds the clients to his WhatsApp group for daily motivation and insights adding that due to his use of the internet, he can train clients from wherever they would be.

“One major requirement to be part of the programme is to know where one really wants it to take them in terms of their health and everything else follows.

“Fitness basically means having the strength and confidence to face and eventually overcome the inevitable challenges of life as they present themselves, and that goes beyond just having a great physique.

“There is a bigger part of the whole equation which is emotional and mental well-being.”

He said most people are made to mistakenly believe that one’s health is determined by just eating salads and lifting weights and they end up ignoring critical aspects of healthy lifestyles. He said some end up doing expensive routines instead of just drinking adequate water and fruits.

“Healthy lifestyle is inexpensive. If anything, it is an investment. Anybody who doesn’t make time to exercise, will soon have time for illness,” he said.

Seutloali said he was motivated to start the programme by his love for exercising although he had little knowledge for nutrition at the time.

“I have always prioritised my health from the early age but I later realised that few people pay attention to having a healthy lifestyle,” he said.

He added that for one to achieve a healthy lifestyle, there is need for self-belief.

“Always remember that each small step counts. Believe in yourself and things get better while applying action. Keep things simple and never surrender,” Seutloali said.

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