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Top cop warns against fraud


Lijeng Ranooe

POLICE Commissioner, Holomo Molibeli, says that no one is above the law and the Lesotho Mountain Police Service (LMPS) will not rest until all fraudsters, regardless of social standing, race and political affiliation are brought to book.

Commissioner Molibeli said this while addressing a recent workshop in Maseru which was organised by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners of South Africa (ACFESA) as part of the International Fraud Week.

The Fraud Week is an international initiative for organisations and individuals to focus time and resources in educating employees and community members about fraud.

Commissioner Molibeli said the police would play their part to bring fraudsters to justice.

“As one of the stakeholders in the fight against crime, we denounce fraud,” Mr Molibeli said.

“No one is above the law and the LMPS will work tirelessly to fight crime. All fraud cases that are reported to the police will be investigated and perpetrators will arrested and prosecuted, regardless of social standing, race, and political affiliation.”

“It is our mandate as a law enforcement agency to prevent crime and investigate it. We cannot prevent the commission of crime without speaking out against it.

“I therefore commend ACFESA for addressing the crime of fraud. Fraud is detrimental to our country’s economic development. It deters investors who shy away from establishing business in our country which is prone to fraud.

He said that fraud prevention required a multi-sectoral efforts from all government departments, non–governmental organisations, the business community and the public should all rise to the occasion to fight this crime.

He identified the major forms of fraud in the country as ATM debit and credit card fraud, money laundering, forgery and altering, multiple sale of land, fraudulent awarding of tenders and ghost workers on the government payroll.

“We will continue to put more attention on prevention. Fraud awareness activities will be conducted frequently in order to sensitise our communities so that they don’t fall prey to this crime.

“Our fraud investigators are being capacitated with skills through training sessions,” Commissioner Molibeli said.


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