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They say I’m too soft: Metsing

Caswell Tlali

MASERU — Deputy Prime Minister Mothetjoa Metsing says he overheard employees at his Local Government ministry describing him as “too soft to be their boss”.
Metsing told the Maseru City Council (MCC) workers at a meeting on Friday that the workers at the Local Government, where he is the minister, compared him with his predecessor Dr Pontšo Sekatle and said he was not fit for the ministry’s top job.
He said the workers, who were not aware of his presence in the corridor at Moposo House, said he was not strong enough to control some unruly staff in the ministry.
“They were saying, this one is too soft to run this ministry,” Metsing said.
His predecessor, Sekatle who defected to the Democratic Congress and lost her ministerial position after her party failed to become government afterthe May 26 general election, was widely seen as a “tough woman”.
In contrast, Metsing is seen as a “softy man”.
Admitting that he is soft, Metsing called the MCC workers to pray for him so that “God will be the one running the ministry instead of me, a mortal man who is not strong enough to control other people who areequal to me”.
“If civil servants in the Local Government and in all councils, including the Maseru City Council, will have God’s view on this important advice it will be easy for the soft and mortal man to run the ministry,” he said.
“It is by God’s design that there are masters and servants so that there will be control over all things we are doing.”

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