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Thetsane Wellness Club celebrates second anniversary

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Nthatuoa Koeshe

THETSANE Wellness Club yesterday celebrated its second anniversary with a fun walk from Lifefo Grounds in Ha-Thetsane to Masowe 3.

Formed in 2018 by just 10 members, the club has now grown to over 150 members.

Marketing manager Puleng Mohomad told the Xpress People that when they started the club, their aim was to maintain healthy lifestyles and avoid chronic illnesses such as high-blood pressure and diabetes which can all be controlled by working out.

The club consists of people of different ages including retirees.

Mohamad said although they are a wellness club, they also help members in their time of need through the little funds they raise from contributions.

“There is no age restriction in joining the club; we have people of all ages and we want more people to join because this can also help keep young people occupied so that they don’t idle on the streets,” Mohamad said.

“We are more than just a club. We are more like a family because we always try to help one another whenever the need arises.”

Joining the club is free and members contribute whatever they can towards the club’s savings.

Mohamad said they hope the club grows to a point where they can have their own gym and adequate funds to assist their members whenever the need help.

One of their youngest members, Princess Rasethuntša (17), said she would advise more young people to join the club as it would help them keep in shape.

“Joining the club has helped me remain active and I think people of my age must join so that they can handle school pressures,” Precious said.

The walk was concluded with a braai where all the members gathered to relax.




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