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The winds of change are blowing

Dear Cabinet and Congress Members,

 WHAT a season it has been for our congress movement, comrades.

First our youth league had a drastic facelift when it weeded out what were considered to be malcontents within its ranks during those dramatic August elections.

Now the winds of change are headed for the national executive committee.

Soon they will hit the national executive committee like a tempest.

Petitions for the dissolution of the national executive committee have been flowing in from the constituencies.

I am told that our small party office along Main North 1 road has received dozens of such petitions.

All of them want the national committee out, pronto.

I am not surprised by this sudden turn of events.

In fact, I caught the early breeze before the hurricane hit the ship.

It’s good that I am not in that rocking ship.

And I have no qualms about those petitions as long as they don’t utter a word about my position and that of my good deputy.

So what is your right leader going to do about that the storm of petitions?

Well, your wish is my command.

No leader wants to leave the running of the party in the hands of an unpopular committee.

If you want them out, then it shall be done.

But I must warn you comrades about making hasty decisions that might hurt the movement.

By that I am not saying these people have enough clout to influence a seismic impact on the future of our movement.

I suspect it’s too early to show them the exit.

Dismissing them now might please the angry constituencies but it might also alienate the little pockets of support that these people have.

Even a mafikizolo has some followers.

You must have seen this at the rally we had at ‘Manthabiseng Convention Centre last Sunday.

Those young zealots who were grandstanding with their over-the-top show for support for the committee might have been a rented crowd but that still indicates that these people have some semblance of support.

If you can convince a group of people to display their support at a time when you are under siege like the committee is, then it means you still have some little political life left in you.

Don’t forget too that every movement has its fair share of gullible people who are easily swayed by little things.

My plan is to make sure that the evidence against these people is so overwhelming that even they themselves see that they have no future in the committee.

Then I will call them one by one to tell them that they have met their comeuppance and it’s time to bid farewell.

I will then persuade them to resign with grace but if they refuse I am sure you, the comrades, will frog-march them to the door.

As things stand now we have not reached that stage.

Comrades, consider yourselves blessed to have a cool-headed leader like me to run our movement.

I encourage you to be patient for a little longer.

Give these overambitious schemers a long rope to hang themselves.

We must not strike before the iron is hot.

Next week I will tell you about the “beautiful ones that are not yet born”.

Don’t miss that installment.


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