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The local shows to watch during Covid-19 self-isolation

AT a time of social distancing and self-isolation due to the coronavirus outbreak gripping the world, television has proven itself as a worthy ally to maintain sanity and our health.

Here are 6 local shows on Mzansi Magic this weekend to keep cabin fever at bay and the entertainment flowing:

The River

Weekdays: 7pm

Follow the two families brought together and divided by a diamond discovery in Cullinan outside Pretoria. The exhilarating twist-at-every corner storyline has earned the soapie numerous awards and nominations.

The acting is also unmatched, considering that at the centre of the drama is Lindiwe Dlamini, portrayed by Sindi Dlathu, winner of the DStv MVCA 2020 for Best Actress held last week in Johannesburg.

She is in great company with the exceptional talent from the likes of South Africa’s finest actors Presley Chweneyagae, Tinah Mnumzana, Lawrence Maleka and Hlomla Dandala.

Kwa Mam’Mkhize

Saturdays: 7pm

She is outrageous, deliciously over the top, rich and flashy. Formerly known as Shauwn Mpisane, the Durban tycoon has reinvented herself as Shauwn Mkhize and is serving barrels of laughter with large doses of fabulosity as she reclaims her life as a single woman. Come along for the wild ride on the fabulous lane on her journey as a mother, sister, friend and business mogul.

Date My Family

Sundays: 6pm

There is always generous helpings of laughter, awkwardness, faux pas and pure fun on Date My Family. Singletons settle down for a meal with three families with the hopes of winning the bachelor or bachelorette’s heart – over here, the way to a man or woman’s heart is through their family. This hugely popular show dominates social media chatter as picky viewers dissect everything from the food, to the language to what the lonely heart looks like, not even the driver is saved from the prying eyes.

Our Perfect Wedding

Sundays: 7pm

Bridal gown, check; groom’s suit, check; cake, check; décor, check; drama, check… the scene is set as Mzansi’s brides’ countdown to their biggest days under the watchful eye of host Nomsa Buthelezi.

On the way to the altar there are so many bumps to get over and the docu-series takes us along on the nail-biting rush. After ticking all the items on their wish list they declare if it was their perfect wedding or not.


Sundays: 8pm

This intriguing drama is about a high-flying lawyer whose life is turned upside down when he discovers that he comes from a long line of witches. The men in the family have ruled the supernatural world of the five tribes in the story. See how he navigates his way and find out if he answers to his true calling or if he walks away. Lesley Musina impresses as the leading man in this thrilling show.

The Real Housewives of Johannesburg

Thursdays: 7:30pm

Based on the international format, this docu-reality television series has a distinct Mzansi flavour. Follow the lives of affluent housewives and professional women in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg. Viewers have VIP access to their lavish parties and their glittering walk in closets and wardrobes are a fashion show waiting to happen. See how they manoeuvre out of their nice life problems. There’s always high drama as things escalate to a point of a glass of wine thrown in the face of an opponent. -IOL

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