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The Joint event flops

Khahliso Khama


MASERU — DJ Qness, the man behind the popular house hit Pfugama Unamate, failed to make it for a show at The Joint on Friday.

But even if the Johannesburg-based DJ had made it to Maseru, he would probably have performed before 10 people.

The show, put simply, was the mother of all flops.

The organisers of the gig had anticipated to pull an audience of up to 300 including football fans who were expected to throng The Joint to watch the epic World Cup clash between Brazil and Portugal.

Local entertainers DJ K, Hally, Kopper and Bootz had also been lined up for the show.

Bootz yesterday told Xpress People that DJ Qness had only phoned them after midnight to say he could no longer make it because his car had broken down on his way from Johannesburg.

“We were disappointed by the crowd and DJ Qness as well,” Bootz, one of the organiers, said.

“He called us at midnight claiming his car had a breakdown.”

He said they had paid DJ Qness his performance fee in advance.

“I might not have a good reason for not buying DJ Qness’ story but I feel let down,” Bootz said.

But with or without the Zimbabwean-born DJ, the gig was always going to be a flop.

Very few people bothered to make their way to The Joint and only 10 people were at the venue by midnight.

Bootz said the weather could have contributed to the scandalous turnout, with most revellers believed to prefer indoor events during winter.

“I believe Basotho prefer being indoors during cold nights,” he said.

“We also had indoor events happening around town so possibly people preferred the indoor affairs to the outdoor set-up that we had planned.”

Bootz said they would do their homework before trying again to bring DJ Qness “shortly”.

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