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The 21-day challenge

by Sunday Express
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Mojabeng Dorcas Senekal

THERE is a place in our hearts, a space, which is filled only by the satisfaction we get from feeling and knowing that we look good. That space is called CONFIDENCE. You are always able to feel in touch with this space by simply being the person you have always wanted to see in your mirror, with; YOUR IDEAL BODY. Now, here’s a start to reaching your ideal body. Challenge yourself for 21 days of healthy eating, teach yourself to let go of all of your bad eating habits, because believe it or not, about 80 percent of your body results come from your diet. One may ask “how do I know which food is bad for me?” trust me, YOU KNOW! What’s your first instinct when you eat fat cakes (African roller-balls)? Remember that conscience feeling of remorse you get when you collect a full plastic of them over the counter? Yes, that feeling means you know which food is bad for you, at least to some extent.

Measure your weight, and then hide your bathroom scale for this 21-day period. Then measure your waist circumference; this is a simple check to tell how much body fat you have. The waist measurements below (no matter what your height is) suggest you have an increased risk of developing chronic unwanted health conditions. Increased risk: Men: more than 94 centimetres, Women: more than 80 centimetres. Greatly increased risk: Men: more than 102 centimetres, Women: more than 88 centimetres. Now that you know where you stand, your challenge begins.  

Eat four meals a day that include PROTEIN of palm size, FAT of thumb size and VEGETABLES of one to two handfuls, no more mount Kilimanjaro on that plate. Drink a minimum of 2 litres of water every day, some herbal tea for taste. Throw away all of your fizzy drinks, saturated fats, bad carbohydrates and bad sugars. Never skip a meal because if you do, you will be way more likely to over-eat later on which you don’t need in this challenge.

Always eat breakfast. Aim to eat your last meal at least two hours before bed; so that your digestion process does not affect your sleep and recovery (another common reason for overeating is tiredness). Remember to align yourself with your most positive support system; three weeks can be a very long time for a beginner. Challenge yourself, you will definitely win.       




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