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Thabane ventures into jazz


Mohalenyane Phakela

KWAITO artiste, Selimo Thabane is set to venture into new territory with the Wednesday release of his Jazz offering, T?imollo.

Thabane is best known as a Kwaito artiste, performing under the stage name Lakabane. He became popular through the album Dices & Tokens which won him the Best Kwaito Album at the Ultimate Music Awards in November 2016.

He has however, surprised many with new songs such as Khomo and Koli ea Malla, which features Tšepo Tšola, which have been rocking the airwaves since last month.

T?imollo, loosely translated as The Beginning, is Thabane’s first Jazz offering and it boasts 13 tracks.

Thabane said the album was a testament of his musical growth and it did not mean that he had abandoned the kwaito genre.

“I am still a Kwaito fanatic but I have always loved Jazz too,” Thabane said, adding he had always wanted to produce a Jazz album but had been prevented from doing so by the prohibitive costs.

“It (Jazz) is a genre listened to by almost everyone regardless of their musical preferences and so through this album, I am broadening my musical reach while also eyeing even bigger wallets,” he chuckled.

Thabane started working on the album in 2008 and he used proceeds from his Kwaito album and clothing brand (Dices & Tokens) to record.

There are heavy doses of patriotism in tracks such as Fallen Fighters, Koli Ea Malla, Chaba Sa Thesele and Liboko. Others to look out for are Mali, Senakangoeli and Song For My Mother.

“My father named his first born Tšimollo in appreciation of God and the gods for blessing him with his first child so I did the same with my first Jazz offering and I believe with this album, I am going to see the beginning of my blessings in music.

Khomo is victory song, inspired by songs we used to sing back in high school when we were eager to win so it is about bringing back that spirit of oneness and victory.

He said Song for my Mother tells of his mother and how he lost her, adding, it also speaks to everyone who lost their loved ones.

Kings Way is a story of a hobo who narrates how he has found a home along the city route as he spends all his time and sleeps there.

Koli Ea Malla is a lamentation, a combination of painful incidences that happened in my life and even before I was born. So through these songs one can establish the kind of message the album carries.”

Thabane said he had been encouraged by the positive response to his latest offering during his gigs and on radio, adding he would now be releasing music in both genres.

He said local artistes had proved they could compete with the best and they could achieve more with support from all stakeholders.

“All we need is a proper platform and a government that will show more interest in arts.

“The private sector also needs to invest in making the arts visible in Lesotho and beyond which in turn will help us shine and raise the national flag very high,” he said.


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