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Thabane rejects security offer

Staff Reporter

MASERU — All Basotho Convention (ABC) leader Tom Thabane who could be Lesotho’s next prime minister has rejected an offer by the police to beef up his security following reports of a plot to eliminate him.
Thabane told a meeting of political leaders organised by the Christian Council of Lesotho on Friday that he had told the police that he did not want their support.
He said he rejected the offer because “nobody has the right to take away the life God has given me”.
“I have been threatened in the past but never died because I was not made to die by the hand of a mere mortal,” Thabane said.
Thabane said he longed for Lesotho to become “a normal society devoid of crime”.
“When are we going to become a normal society? Where’s this practice of using bodyguards coming from? We have to move from this emphasis of body security”.
The ABC leader added that he was content receiving protection “from the tsotsis of Sea-Point”.
Masupha however denied that there were people who confessed that they were on a mission to kill Metsing.

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